At Boston Mechanical Services, we are committed to the performance of your building. 

With Boston Mechanical Services, you’re in command of your facility. Our expert service personnel help you minimize equipment downtime, lower operating costs, decrease capital expenditures, and extend equipment life. Our relationship delivers savings directly to your bottom line.

With more than 75 years of combined experience, Boston Mechanical Services and N.B. Kenney Company is also your partner for major equipment upgrades – from individual equipment to entire facility retrofits. Whether it be a Chiller, Cooling Tower, Boiler or Air Handling Unit replacement or the design and coordination of a new Cogeneration Plant, Boston Mechanical Services is your best value option. We have the technical expertise, competitive pricing and “common sense” approach to make upgrades and new installations to your facility as cost-effective and as seamless as possible. 

“Driven by Quality. Bound by Integrity” is not only our mission but testimony to our long-standing commitment to customer service.

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